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Catcher’s Brand Frappe

Catcher Frappe

Back in the 2009s, CCSB is trading the coffe and tea related products in across Malaysia. The company is started by trading and selling premium, gourmet coffee bean to local cafes and restaurants. In the 2011s, CCSB invested in Mayralab (M) Sdn. Bhd. and brought a new line of solid beverage system to developed the frappe powder. Wth the established market demand, Catcher’s brand created and in frappe series products. Catcher’s brand range in Premium Chocolate, Premium Smoothies and Classico Coffee.

Revolutionary at the time and still today, Catcher’s have always been free of preservatives, caffeine, sodium, artificial flavors and colors. In 2012 we made a radical shift and said goodbye to high fructose corn syrup and hello to real cane sugar.

But frappe products aren’t all that Mayralab’s makes. In fact, far from it. We’ve kept up with the changing times and have created delicious, all-natural beverages to meet the different needs of today’s busy lifestyles and families on the go. With ingredients from the four corners of the globe—whether it’s a functional drink to support your immune system (or help keep the wrinkles at bay), or an energy drink to give you a little oomph when your batteries are running low, or you simply want to relax on a porch swing and sip ice-cold tea or lemonade—you can be sure that if it has the Catcher’s name on it, it’s better for you, a bit exotic and full of the natural flavors that would make us proud.

Made by Nature. Mixed by Man. That’s always been the Catcher’s way.

Catcher Chocolate frappe and smoothie


Catcher Chocolate Frappe and Smoothies


Catcher Chocolate and Smoothies