The Jewels in the Krono

Krono is the brand new baby of N&W’s popular ‘K’ range of coffee machines. Krono is an ‘entry level’ model, bringing the excellence of our Italian engineering within reach of even the smallest businesses.

With looks that belie its competitive price, Krono uses the latest in instant technology to deliver consistently high quality drinks, including hot chocolate.

“Don’t let Krono’s compact size and ease of use fool you, though: this is a jewel of a machine with brains as well as beauty”

Krono Coffee Catcher

Krono is easy to use, simple to maintain and it’s quick, too: dispensing a 7 oz drink in an impressive 12 seconds.

Don’t let Krono’s compact size and ease of use fool you, though: this is a jewel of a machine with brains as well as beauty; as it incorporates a chip card system that delivers complete control of drink dispensing, machines setting and recipe files. The chip card can be programmed using a hand held device or a PC and several operating modes are possible, enabling owners to control every aspect of machine performance.

‘Small’ is ‘powerful’ as well as just ‘beautiful’. At 570 mm high, 300 wide and 340 deep, and weighing in at just 14 kilos, Krono will be the refreshment  jewel in the crown in hairdressing salons, car showrooms, doctor’s surgeries, vets’; pubs, clubs… In fact, anywhere good coffee can be enjoyed.

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Catcher Premium Smoothies

Catcher smoothie’s powder is a mixture of vanilla, natural pectin, flavor, fructose and nondairy creamer. Everybody deserves to enjoy healthy and robust lifestyle and also a taste which neither milk shake nor ordinary smoothie drinks could provide. Moreover, it may be mixed with milk, ice cream or yogurt as you like to provide smoother and mellower taste with aromatic vanilla flavor flirting with your taste buds as well as appetite.

Catcher Premium Smoothie can match with any fruit and blended together with variety of fruity smoothie, like mango smoothie, strawberry smoothie, kiwi smoothie and etc. Alternatively, Catcher smoothie premix powder can blended with fresh milk to become milkshake frappe. It is a ice blended base that can use to develop a variety of tasty beverage.

Catcher Smoothie Premix Powder
Catcher smoothie premix









Catcher Premium Smoothie can match with any fruit and blended together with variety of fruity smoothie, like mango smoothie, strawberry smoothie, kiwi smoothie and etc.
Brand: Catcher
Manufacturer: Mayralab
Model: ML121102
5 based on 280 reviews
$36.00 New

The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

Here’s more evidence to back up all those studies on boredom inspiring creativity: Meet Mike Breach, barista extraordinaire, who “paints” everything — and everyone — into his lattes. ”I’m an esspressionist,” he proudly proclaims. Just last year, Breach was idling away his customer-less hours in the back of a hotel kitchen with only a dormant espresso machine for company. He was “so, so bored.” So he taught himself how to inscribe ornate hearts in coffee foam, with a bamboo skewer as his paintbrush. “People got so excited about it!” says Breach. He took it further; out came the teddy bears (“the girls just love those”), a portrait of that hotel boss (“I didn’t show it to him, but my coworkers and I laughed about it”), and Salvador Dalì, and Edward Scissorhands, and Beyoncé.

We’re at the Smile To-Go, and he’s frothing some milk behind the counter; the shushing of the machine almost drowns out his words. He reflects. “It’s like, if something is lacking, you’ve got to find a way to make it exciting and fun. Right? I mean, I’m so happy that my old job was so boring! Otherwise I wouldn’t be making these! And this is just the beginning. I want to start a movement.” The milk is now pillowy, foamy-soft — perfect for the latte Breach is about to pour. He stares into his empty chestnut-colored canvas, and suddenly looks up. “I’ve been wanting to try Snoop. Let’s do that, yea?”


Making Your Own Mocha Frappe’

Mocha Frappe

I’ve got a powerless spot for those frosty icy chocolate enhanced cafe drinks. You know the ones sold at Starbucks, Sonic & now even at Mcdonald’s secured in hills of tasty cream? They’re all around! Also they take a fortune provided that you get one on a normal groundwork whatsoever. At that point attempt duplicating that by two if your mate needs one! So what’s a shoddy cash shrewd young lady like me to do? Make your own particular! I discovered this formula in a ladies’ magazine (sorry I don’t know which one) and have been clutching it for the last couple of months simply sitting tight for our first hot day to amaze Dh with a chilly treat.

This weekend ended up being the ideal chance to attempt it out. I was a spot suspicious at the outset. There are just 5 to 6 fixings in this formula. Had I truly been paying 3 or 4 bucks for something this simple? I suspect as much. Also provided that you as of recently drink java and have a bit extra every time then you are now one stage ahead. Attempt it for yourself and see what you consider…

Frosted Mocha Frappe’

1/3 c. chilly solid fermented espresso (just utilize a little more if utilizing consistent quality java)

1/3 c. entire milk (or provided that you need to bring down the fat/calories attempt 2% milk)

1 Tbsp. chocolate frappe powder (or to taste)

2 tsp. sugar

1 c. ice 3d squares (I recently utilized the pulverized ice emphasize on my cooler to be thoughtful to my somewhat old blender. I would truly cherish this one. Any suggestions?)

Cool Whip or Whipping Cream (discretionary)

Chocolate Shavings for Gar

Consolidate all the fixings in a blender and blend until smooth and the ice is totally squashed. In the event that you are utilizing genuine whipping cream it will take something like 3-4 minutes utilizing a handheld blender on high  to get semi-solid tops to structure.

Espresso Freddo vs. frappe

Filter coffee, cappuccino and the classical Greek coffee are perfect choices in the winter, but when it’s 35 degrees Celsius outside, they are not very pleasant. What are the most delicious types of coffee we prefer in the summer and how can we enjoy them the best?

Coffee Frappe

Frappe – the favourite coffee of all Greeks

Most people associate the traditional “Greek” frappe with sitting in one place, backgammon and relaxation. A little milk, sugar and lots of ice, it cools us down while we stir it light-heartedly with the straw. It was discovered in 1957 by Dimitrios Vakondios at the Thessaloniki International Fair, when he could not find hot water for his coffee and tried to mix it in a shaker with cold water. We are very grateful to this “discoverer”!

How to enjoy it: with milk and sugar, it is an exceptional drink which quenches the heat and, in parallel, replaces the sweet taste of ice cream.

Filter Coffee

Espresso Freddo: a mini-sized icy delight

The Italians’ favourite coffee has a summer version, with lots of ice and light foam. Luigi Bezzera from Milan was the inventer of the espresso machine and he is highly respected by fans of this type of coffee. Espresso Freddo is served in a medium glass with lots of ice (preferably crushed) and sugar if you want.

How to enjoy it: In order to energise your nervous system, choose a sugar-free Freddo. If it’s too strong, add a pinch of sugar, but be careful not to spoil the flavour of the coffee.

ice coffee

Cappuccino Freddo: our greatest love

Today’s version of cappuccino was created in the 17th century when Venetian monks tried to dilute the classical Turkish coffee and added honey and milk to it. The coffee’s colour was reminiscent of that of the race of Capuchin monks and hence the name. The summer version of cappuccino is enriched with crushed ice and cold milk froth, creating a layer above the coffee. This is the biggest rival of frappe, but it is not as strong as frappe, since it is filtered.

How to enjoy it: You should be very careful not to put too much sugar and froth, since your coffee can become a calorie bomb … Put a little sugar, if you don’t like it black, and two fingers of froth.

coffee coffee

Cold Greek coffee – an alternative national delight

If you are a fanatical lover of Greek coffee, then we are happy to inform you that it is not necessary to forget it during the summer months. Instead, you can enjoy it in a cold version. Making it takes time, but if you like the taste, then it’s worth the effort. Make your coffee the way you make the hot one and then let it cool in the fridge. Then strain it through a filter and add ice. If you prefer it with milk, you can add a little.

How to enjoy it: in this case make your coffee just like the hot version. The taste is the same, but icy …

Ice Milk Coffee

Freddoccino: a ”dessert” with a little guilt

This is not exactly coffee, since it is more like a dessert. But you shouldn’t worry, because it is drunk in the summer and if you ignore the calories it contains, it gives us a cool delight at the beach or in the cafeteria in the afternoon. It is made from a dose of coffee, milk, sugar and chocolate. After combining the ingredients with a lot of ice in a blender, the drink is ready to serve and looks like a milkshake.

How to enjoy it: Most often, in cafes, freddoccino is made from instant mix, but if you want to enjoy it at home, you can mix a dose of coffee, some milk, 2 teaspoons of chocolate powder and a teaspoon of sugar.

Freddoccino coffee in catcher frappe

Frappe with Baileys: a double delight in a cup

Adding some Baileys to your classic frappe is an excellent summer choice. First, make a black frappe with no sugar or milk, then add a dose of Baileys. The alcohol and taste of coffee and cream in it which will highlight the flavour of your coffee and will make you relax, leaving a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

How to enjoy it: although you can add sugar if you want, we recommend not to. Baileys itself is quite sweet and will give your coffee the necessary sweetness.

Espresso of caffe Minali

Espresso with ice cream: the perfect summer choice

Last but not least – the best of all choices. This is the most summery and sweetest choice because we deserve it! Just like frappe with Baileys, for this type of coffee all you need is a dose of ordinary espresso, with no sugar. Then, pour it gradually into a tall glass and add 1 or 2 balls of vanilla ice cream to it. Let the coffee slowly melt the ice cream and mix it. This coffee is also known as Ice (cream) coffee abroad and is very popular on hot days. The result is exceptional, delicious, aromatic, sweet and totally summery.

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bramble Ice

Ice Beverage

I had a few frozen blackberries left in the frozen mixed berries pack, so I decided to make this drink tonight.
I had just watched a video that explained how to make crushed ice – to smash ice in a bag with a hammer. Unfortunately, that didn’t go too well so I just did the usual with a spoon.
This is super simple to make – try it yourself :)

2 oz. gin
3/4 oz. lemon juice
3/4 oz. simple syrup

1. Muddle blackberries in glass
2. Add crushed ice
3. Pour in bramble mix (gin + lemon juice + simple syrup)
4. Garnish with blackberry

Easy Cold-Brewed Coffee Recipe

ice coffee drink

One of my biggest pet peeves is ordering an iced coffee and watching the barista pour piping-hot coffee over ice, a sure way to yield an insipid, watered-down drink. Chilling hot-brewed coffee is marginally better, but cold-brewed coffee is where it’s at. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just time and a big pitcher, and you’ll have smooth, concentrated coffee that you can dilute with water, ice, or even a little booze.

ice coffee

Game plan: The coffee needs to steep for at least 12 hours, so plan accordingly.

You can brew the coffee in a 32-ounce French press if you prefer. Place the ground coffee and water in the pitcher, place the plunger lid on top, but don’t press the plunger down. After the coffee grounds have steeped, gently press down on the plunger until the grounds reach the bottom of the pitcher. Then proceed with step 2 of the recipe.

The resulting coffee from this brewing method is concentrated, so consider diluting it with equal parts milk or water. If you don’t heed this advice, don’t blame us for the jitters!

For the coffee:
4 1/2 ounces coarsely ground coffee (about 1 3/4 cups)
3 1/2 cups cold water
For serving:
Milk, half-and-half, or water
Simple Syrup
For the coffee:
Place the coffee grounds in a 2-quart pitcher, add the water, and stir to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and let steep at room temperature for at least 12 hours and up to 1 day.
Line a fine-mesh strainer with a standard coffee filter and fit it over a medium bowl. Working in batches, slowly pour the coffee into the filter until all of the liquid has passed through the strainer (the coffee will pass through in a slow stream; don’t force it through); stop when you reach the solids at the bottom of the pitcher (don’t pour them in). Discard the grounds and the contents of the strainer.
Wash and dry the pitcher. Transfer the strained coffee into the pitcher. Cover and refrigerate until completely chilled, at least 2 hours or up to 5 days.
For serving:
For each cup of iced coffee, dilute the concentrate with an equal portion of milk, half-and-half, or water. Sweeten with simple syrup if desired and top with ice.



Mint Syrup Recipe

This recipe given to us by author and former Gramercy Tavern managing partner Nick Mautone can be used to sweeten iced tea, limeade, or just about any cocktail or highball made with rum, gin, vodka, or whiskey, like this Tea and Whiskey Highball.

Game plan: Refrigerate the syrup in a container with a tightfitting lid for up to 2 weeks.

Mint Syrup
Mint Syrup
  • 1 bunch fresh mint, ends trimmed
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 cup water
  1. Place all of the ingredients in a small saucepan, stir to combine, and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to medium low and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has completely dissolved and the syrup has slightly thickened, about 5 minutes.
  2. Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature, about 1 hour. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer set over a 2-cup container with a tightfitting lid; discard the solids. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

Mango-A-Go-Go® Smoothie

These mangos will get you movin’!

Are you the president of the Mango Appreciation Society? Do you count mangos to fall asleep? Then welcome to paradise. We blend heaps of mangos and passion fruit-mango juice topped off with pineapple sherbet to make your dreams come true.

Mango Smoothies